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The challenge of architectural change - To satisfy the demand for improved comfort, safety and of course, to outsell the competition, future vehicles will see more advanced functions integrated into specific ECUs. This increased functional density will lead to a change in the vehicle architecture, where powerful functions are shared across fewer ECUs.
Together with the need for high bandwidth applications, this leads to increased application and data sizes, which will be a challenge in future vehicle network and ECU development.

Protocols to Fit the Service

Where applicable and sufficient for given requirements, well-established bus systems like CAN and appropriate protocols are used in the diagnostic domain. In areas with high performance requirements, new technologies like the Ethernet based protocol DoIP (diagnostics over IP) or CAN-FD (flexible datarate) are used instead.

Luxoft has long experience in developing, integrating and porting these diagnostic protocol stacks for various hardware platforms and real-time operating systems.

Driving Bootloader and Flash Expertise

An essential aspect of modern embedded systems is the ability to reprogramme all software parts after distribution and, in particular, during development. For these reasons, it is important to deliver a reliable flash mechanism from an early stage of development.

Based on our long experience in providing flash solutions, Luxoft can support your engineering department in developing fast and secure bootloader and flash applications compliant to the automotive standards of the HIS group. 

Security and Privacy

The challenge of managing connected vehicle security certainly impacts on the functional domain of vehicle diagnostics.

This relationship is direct, through areas like remote diagnostics and Updates-Over- The-Air, as well as indirect through the event chain of complex vehicle functions and hence a possible target for security attacks.

Included in this is the inherent challenge of managing personalized data held in the vehicle according to differing privacy laws in countries around the world.

To help you navigate this complex data landscape, Luxoft supports you with consulting on how to design your diagnostic use cases and processes.

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