Removing the barriers

Remote diagnostics for user and technician - Luxoft provides consultancy and development for every part of the remote diagnostic toolchain. Remote diagnostics covers both the user who wants to view vehicle information via an easy-to-use mobile app, and the technician who needs advice from colleagues, connects remotely to the diagnostic app for support and wants to install updates to the vehicle.
The challenges are the same: reducing data payload, stable connectivity, good performance, sustainable integration and intuitive user guidance.

Small Footprint, Smart Solution

For specific use-cases such as In-Vehicle-Tester solutions, no generic diagnostic software is required to handle every vehicle model. It can be completely specific to the ECU/vehicle while being generated from your existing data models (e.g. ODX, OTX, A2L).

This approach guarantees small footprint implementations for faster runtime, lower memory usage, better testability and maintainability, easier handling of different vehicle models and variants, lower data payload and easier updating

Fast and Effective Updates over the Air

Fast and effective updates over the air - In the context of remote diagnostics, it’s also important to update the software on the ECU over the air. Luxoft supports you in this with end-to-end solutions for developing and integrating the software, including smart license and version handling.

Furthermore, Luxoft offers consulting and implementation for flash jobs and sequences. Based on our long-term experience, we also support you with performance issues in your already existing development by finding the best-fitting solutions.

Remote Diagnostic Platform

We support you with developing the remote diagnostic platform that fits best to your business.

From the integration of standard solutions with remote services through the complete implementation of diagnostic tester applications to the integration into your infrastructure, Luxoft offers end-to-end solutions.

Cloud and App Development

Smartphones and tablets accompany our daily life and support us with information about nearly everything.

To meet this cultural shift, Luxoft develops the diagnostic apps for your personal use cases: garage tester, end user car information, client remote diagnostic apps (thin or fat) and more.

In combination with our cloud experts, there is no limit for your ideas.

Predictive Diagnostics at Work

Luxoft supports you to uncover new ways of harnessing diagnostic data and generating insights about your vehicles and customers.

By using the power of cloud with big data and analytics, you can use predictive diagnostics to create new user experiences, improve engineering, leverage replacement part logistics, or improve existing/establish new after-sales concepts.

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