A true partnership

Multiple components working together - Providing high-quality products and components is an essential goal for all OEMs and suppliers. But the OEM has to ensure that various components delivered from different suppliers are compliant to general and individual requirements across different layers and that all components are interacting within the same vehicle network as specified. To achieve this, structured testing across different layers is needed alongside a full understanding of all requirements.

Appealing to a Diverse Customer Base

Suppliers have to deal with a broad range of requirements from different OEMs, some of which can even conflict. In these circumstances, the solution is to develop a test strategy where all these requirements can be covered in a smart way.

Luxoft has a deep knowledge base of common diagnostic standards and a broad understanding of OEM-specific extensions as well as internal processes for various OEMs.

Luxoft Passes the Test

Based on our experience, we can support you in developing smart test strategies to minimize and streamline your testing efforts on network, protocol and application layer levels. This includes OEM-specific compliance and functional tests, executed as automated regression and stress tests. Luxoft also supports in error identification and analysis based on the test results and protocol logs. Our dedicated OEM comprehension helps us to provide additional benefit to you.

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