Experience is everything

Luxoft’s UX Design Lab focuses on advanced car UX concepts and system design. Luxoft experts boast over 15 years of experience in developing benchmark HMIs for the world’s leading automakers. Our specialities include research; analysis; concepts; simulations; spec and style guides; graphical assets; driver distraction and safety tests; quality checks; 3D modelling; motion design; and prototyping. Our headquarter in Stuttgart is supported with a  global team bases in eastern Europe and south-east Asia for cost efficiencies at scale.

Future Perfect R&D

Everyday, we help our clients to discover, design and evaluate future technologies they could be integrating as new user experiences in cars of the future.

Working in focused teams around the world allows us to visualize and realize broad variations of concepts and prototypes, brought about by a focus on various technology types that augment our offering, including:

  • Technology Research
  • ADAS
  • Augmented Navigation
  • Computer Vision
  • Eye Tracking
  • Haptic Touch Feedback
  • Smart Devices

Award-Winning Prototyping

Luxoft focuses on the user experience with breakthrough innovation – from idea generation to prototyping.

Our prototyping platform is the award-winning AllView II, which creates an invehicle UX to link instrument cluster, head unit and mobile devices. It enables automakers to optimize the car user experience and improve safety by reducing driver distraction.

Ranked 3rd place for ‘Most User-Friendly HMI Feature’ at the Car HMI Europe show, AllView II enables situation-aware HMI where passengers become co-pilots to reduce the driver’s workload.

Features include:

  • High fidelity and detailed prototyping
  • 3D visualization and animation
  • Design engineering
  • Model building
  • Usability testing

Rigorous Production

We believe in an interactive approach to UX design that allows Luxoft to consolidate changing market and business demands with the evaluation of designs with end-users in order to reach the best possible result.

Our inclusive approach to production includes:

  • Creation of user interfaces from scratch to series production
  • Analyss, prototyping, and re-design of existing user interfaces
  • Informational architecture development and optimization
  • Creation of easy to use and highly attractive HMI concepts
  • Clickable Prototype creation
  • Documented concepts and design ideas using wireframes and style guides
  • Optimization of the whole specification process including translations and internationalization
  • Usability and Driver Distraction and Saftey testing

Working With Us

We have deep expertise innovating infotainment systems from the ground up. With dedicated, global R&D labs, we bring to life advanced future concepts in the most flexible way, leveraging close collaboration between software developers and designers.
Our customers benefit from our understanding of market trends and UX experts who seamlessly interface with designers, feature experts and suppliers. It’s a compelling solution when comparing time to market against in-house design and development.

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