Destination - the future

Unique Solutions for the next generation vehicle -  Computer Vision and Augmented Reality (CVNAR) is a software solution that encompasses a set of advanced algorithms to help create mixed augmented reality for drivers and passengers, utilizing computer vision, vehicle sensors, map data, telematics, and navigation guidance. In this highly specialized environment, Luxoft offers consultancy and engineering services, which in combination with CVNAR technological assets, allows to turn any problem into the automotive grade quality innovative solution.

Innovation for Every Application

Luxoft’s wide range of CVNAR applications span almost every facet of modern driving, from driver aids through vehicle information to safety innovations. CVNAR can detect lane markings, road boundaries, other vehicles, pedestrians, road signs, buildings and hazards. It can also integrate information from sensors, telematics data and more, while producing information specific and relevant to the vehicle manufacturer employing the solution.

Consultancy and Engineering to Rely On

Beyond the physical application of the CVNAR solution, Luxoft also provides consulting and engineering services. From a consultancy standpoint, we offer help in a wide variety of areas such as porting and optimization, latency and time analysis, vehicle and navigation engine integration, plus much more. On the engineering side, we offer software design and architecture, requirements management, software development and integration, as well as field testing.

Luxoft CVNAR

Incorporating artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, image processing, real-time signal processing and more, this feature-rich and robust solution encompasses augmented navigation, visualization, additional information in case of advanced parking assistance and adaptive cruise control, driver infographics and lane keeping, driver health monitoring, support of low visibility mode and autonomous driving.

Our approach augments drivers' visual reality with supplementary objects in real time, and works with various output devices such as head unit displays, digital clusters, head-up displays.

Consultancy Services

At Luxoft ADAS, we deliver highly experienced consultants with a deep understanding of the Automotive domain. Their brief is to manage the end-to-end process in delivering ADAS and augmented reality projects.

Included in their field remit are:

  • Project Management
  • Customization and Adaptation
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Porting and Optimization
  • Visualization for different output devices (IC, HUD, LCD) and specifications
  • Latency and Time Analysis
  • Vehicle and Navigation Engine Integration
  • Telecommunication System Integration
  • Verification and Validation Strategy

Engineering Services

Luxoft works within an engineering framework for Automotive customers that facilitates the augmentation of existing customer solutions, the testing and verification of the same solutions and the ground-up software development that meets the exacting needs of the most demanding automotive end customers.

Our experience is rich and varied, providing gold standard software engineering that draws on our heritage in the Automotive sector to deliver:

  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Requirements Management
  • Software Development, Optimization and Integration
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Field Testing

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