The direction is clear

A direct route to map visualization - With our market-leading expertise, we can furnish you with full-cycle rendering engine development encompassing the data access layer, data management, algorithms, texture and model creation, style configuration, rendering and shaders. Through this work, we help you display the full scope of features that meet the Navigation Data Standard (NDS).

Modern Looks for Modern Mapping

At Luxoft, we develop high-definition map displays thanks to our high-end NDS features and visual effects development expertise, as well as our rich experience in hardware-specific (CPU/GPU) optimization. This is augmented by the creation of low-poly 3D models and the remodeling of existing models to enhance both looks and performance.

Cutting-Edge Tech Behind the Scenes

We also help our customers in back-of-house areas where support and ongoing development are crucial to keep your solutions at the leading edge of the market. We have expertise in the scalability of navigation maps, as well as in performance and footprint optimizations for mid- and high-end systems, profiling, and the development of diagnostic and auxiliary tools.

Luxoft Delivers Consistent Excellence

Luxoft are the obvious choice for partners wanting to trust a knowledgeable, experienced team of experts. We’ve released four systems (BMW NBT, Daimler NTG5, BMW NBT EVO, BMW EntryNav) with MapViewer written from the ground up, and are fully conversant in scalability/optimisation tasks, stack expertise from data access layer to shaders and modelling, and GPU hardware specifics.

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