Stay connected with your environment

Orchestrating driver, car and content - Luxoft offers a comprehensive approach to car connectivity, providing solutions from telematics to Internet of Things (IoT) integration and an embedded web browser. We also help integrate smart devices with a car, including Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, SmartDeviceLink, MirrorLink and Miracast platforms.

We can help you find the right solution and provide support at every stage of implementation, including concept design, embedded software development and integration with onboard electronics.

Open-Source for Seamless App Development

SDLP (SmartDeviceLink Profile) is an Open Source connectivity technology by Luxoft, which links IVI systems and smartphones. SDLP is available as SDK and builds interaction between smartphone's apps and vehicles’ IVI system.

Developers can implement features like full-screen replication, receiving car diagnostics data, etc.

SDLP based on Ford’s SDL technology. Both SDL and SDLP are GENIVI-compliant and can easily be adapted to  OEM-specific system architecture with minimal efforts.

Smart Device Synergy

Luxoft is able to provide one complete connectivity solution to the end user wishing to use their smart devices in an automotive environment. This is thanks to our wealth of experience in start-to-finish implementation of Miracast and MirrorLink cores, as well as experience of integrating CarPlay, AndroidAuto, MirrorLink and Miracast together in the same solution.

New Horizons for Embedded Web Browsing

Internet browsing may have been difficult to achieve successfully in Automotive in the past, but significant improvements with stability and memory footprint, allied to some complex technical innovation, have made it a viable possibility.

Our wide experience in browser development and integration on various platforms, using engines like WebKit, Chromium and QTWebEngine, works in combination with our team’s strong experience with HTML5-based HMI integration.

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