We Know How To Do It.

Our deep understanding and experience enables us to find the sweet spot in software systems engineering – a cost-optimal system which is able to execute the desired functions reliably and in real-time, every time. Our UTH practice is the home of various engineers and subject matter experts in key domain.

Basic Software / AUTOSAR

  • OS, WdgM, EcuM, BswM, SchM, NvM, Fee, EA, Eep, IoHwAb
  • NM, COM, XCP, DCM, Dem, MCAL (MCU, peripherals, I/O, memory)
  • Compiler, board/CPU settings, boot loader / flash, OBD
  • En/decryption library, HSM drivers

Technologies and Tools

  • OSEK/AUTOSAR, hypervisor, embedded Linux, WinCE
  • CAN, FlexRay, MOST, LIN, Ethernet, Bluetooth
  • Tooling: AUTOSAR authoring, ECU configuration, embedded code generation (targetLink, embedded coder), compilers
  • Lab equipment / debuggers
  • Test, validation, automation (PIL, SIL, HIL, Doc, Spec)

Process and Methodology

  • Requirements engineering and analysis, system simulation, safety and real-time planning, architecture design, build and test process
  • Timing requirements and timing models, resource planning, schedule and code optimizations (runtime and CPU load), multi-core partitioning and migration, architecture exploration, continuous timing testing and reporting
  • Safety: ISO26262, safety process, FMEA, ASIL, FTTI, FFI, tool qualification

Because we understand our customers’ development and optimization needs, as well as the associated constraints, priorities, timelines, resources and qualifications, we’re able to plan and execute software development projects in clear,solidly defined steps.

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