Turn-Key Software Solutions

Luxoft UTH supports you through the full software lifecycle from requirements to integration testing – with the development of application software, basic software and low-level drivers that incorporate safety, architecture and real-time planning. Our support ranges from smaller ECUs, like body or door modules, to high-performance integrated ECUs such as central gateways or chassis domain controllers and future high-end multi-domain ECUs.

Development, Integration and Testing

For low-end ECUs Luxoft offers complete software development, including application software, from feature requirements to tested componentry. We have a wide variety of successful use cases across climate, heating, lights, TPMS, door, seat, battery control and numerous other applications.

For domain control ECUs we offer function and software integration and testing, multi-core partitioning, basic software adaptation and more. Key automotive applications include body control modules, active steering, braking, engine, active ADAS and gateway.

For high-end multi-domain ECUs we offer architecture analysis, integration requirements and software partitioning including multi-OS, protection and safety mechanisms (e.g. hypervisor, MPU, etc.). Examples of applications encompass central chassis/powertrain control, central gateway/BCM, and ADAS and related autonomous driving innovations.

Skills Coverage

Our teams offer relevant skills for the very best in UTH software services, with core knowledge in:

  • Application software and basic software
  • Complete AUTOSAR software stack
  • C/C++, OSEK/AUTOSAR/embedded Linux, Renesas/Infineon/Freescale/ARM and others
  • CAN, LIN, MOST, Ethernet, FlexRay, UART, I2C
  • Tooling, build chain, debug and automation

Additionally, our subject matter experts contribute their knowledge of:

  • Requirements analysis 
  • Safety planning 
  • Architecture development
  • Software and integration testing
  • Supplier management
  • Documents exchange
  • IT infrastructure

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