What We Do

We bring Stunning User Experiences to road

Digitalisation is changing mobility and transforming the car experience. In particular, the cockpit provides entirely new ways to differentiate and physically interact with the car brand. Our Digital Cockpit team are passionate about designing and implementing user experiences that are quite simply stunning. We do this with a holistic approach - from pixel to silicon, and from concept to production. Our solutions and services bridge the gap between designers and developers, enable new technologies and leverage Open Source Software in a unique way - Experience Change.

HMI Design & UX

The experts in Luxoft's UX Design lab leverage over 15 years of experience in developing benchmark HMIs for the world's leading automakers, bringing to life advanced future concepts in the most flexible way through award-winning prototyping and rigorous production.

HMI Testing

Luxoft's highly effective HMI testing processes help reduce cost burdens on automakers, with test routines for HMI development, test driving, integration testing and HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) simulation, with independent quality assurance maximizing test efficiency.

HMI Development

Populus, Luxoft's software suite, makes the creation of robust, eye-catching, animation-rich HMIs more viable and efficient than ever. A complete tool chain for design, development and deployment, it combines optimum performance and high quality.

As drivers come to rely on technology to keep them on the right route and help make their driving more informed and efficient, manufacturers are keen to respond by giving drivers the best possible solutions. Our navigation and driver assistance offerings cover all areas of navigation & ADAS development.

Map Data

Luxoft places a strong emphasis on interactivity in its development of car navigation solutions incorporating maps, 3D modelling and support for Navigation Data Standard (NDS). We offer worldwide usability of our solutions in a compact and efficient format that are scalable and resistant to copying.

Rendering Applications

We develop high-definition map displays thanks to our high-end NDS features and visual effects development expertise, and can provide full-cycle rendering engine development encompassing a host of vital factors, as well as assisting in back-of-house support and development.

Services integration

Our Dynamic Points Of Interest (DPOI) system puts the full scope of local landmarks, attractions and services at the driver's fingertips, combining social network-like online technologies with  location-based innovations. DPOI encompasses worldwide support and integration of existing systems.

Presentation Controller

Our experienced engineers help with the implementation of navigation controllers that are fully GENIVI-compliant, and we're also able to offer you the benefit of our expertise in integrating controllers with proprietary navigation component interfaces.

Computer Vision / Info ADAS

Computer Vision and Augmented Reality (CVNAR) is Luxoft's software solution that uses advanced algorithms to create a mixed reality for drivers that incorporates vehicle sensors, map data, telematics and navigation, helping keep drivers safer and better-informed while out on the road.

Our Under-the-Hood (UTH) practice offers solutions and services for powertrain, chassis, steering, body, and in-vehicle networking domains. We work with the classical domains OSEK, AUTOSAR and CAN, which evolve into highly-integrated domain control units with hypervisors, RTOS and Ethernet communication. Large parts of this software are real-time, safety-critical and strongly coupled with a growing number of assistance functions, leading to complex and highly integrated software systems.

We offer a complete software delivery and architectural planning service from a single source, including timing and safety analysis. This is done by combining core competencies in architectures, real-time and safety with cost-optimized development capacities in order to deliver what is needed to develop the software, ECUs and E/E architectures of the future.

Embedded Software Solutions

Luxoft helps developers address timing issues in software code and in the software and safety architectures, which often happen when complex software systems are moved from prototype stage into production. We support OEMs and ECU suppliers with leading timing analysis and system optimization expertise via powerful tools, along with resource-oriented development process improvements.

Timing analysis solutions

We offer a range of real-time and safety-critical software systems that operate to the highest possible standards while maintaining maximum efficiency in bandwidth and processor speed.
We also offer solutions for end-to-end timing, vehicle-level dependencies,domain architectures, multi-function ECUs and multi-domain software integration

UTH Expertise

The Luxoft UTH practice consists of a variety of experts that contribute to successful software development and integration. Our expertise includes AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, automotive CPUs, MCAL (Renesas, Freescale, Infineon and more), BSW/RTE/OS configuration, architecture, timing safety and methodology and process consulting.

We set the benchmark for tools and tool chains, either standard or customized, to support the strong IT integration needed for modern diagnostics. Our remote diagnostics, utilizing mobile and Cloud, and testing processes that ensure full functionality and OEM compliance are backed by our comprehensive knowledge of manufacturer requirements.

Data Modelling

Luxoft is able to provide high-quality solutions for diagnostic data authoring, validation and execution, according to ASAM and ISO standards. Our expert team has not only deep expertise of the common diagnostics standards, but played key role in their creation, too.


We offer standard or customized tools and toolchains, as well as supplier or OEM systems, to support the strong IT integration that diagnostic data and processes require. We do this through sustainable, agile solutions built on a decade of proven, reliable know-how.

Onboard Services

Luxoft leverages and creates the latest technologies to allow the development, integration and porting of high-performance protocol stacks. We can also support fast and secure bootloader and flash applications so that embedded systems can quickly and efficiently receive software and updates.

Remote Diagnostics

Luxoft provides consultancy and development for every part of the remote diagnostic toolchain, for both the motorist and the technician. We make it possible to connect to diagnostic apps to effect updates quickly and securely, and to update ECUs over the air through end-to-end solutions.

Testing Services

Through the development of intelligent test strategies, we can help you to minimize and streamline your testing efforts on network, protocol and application layer levels. Luxoft has a deep knowledge base of common diagnostic standards and can support in error identificaiton and analysis.

We’re committed to promoting up-to-date development of software, and we’ve consistently made significant investment into open-source projects like Yocto and the GENIVI platform. We also have advanced resources dedicated specifically to BSP support.


Luxoft helps OEMs and tier one infotainment manufacturers to deliver proven and effective media software solutions for Media DB, Audio and Video Codecs, plus integration with smartphones and tablets. We leverage a huge range of technologies and provide a service offering across many key areas.

Automotive system software

Our end-to-end approach to BSP and Linux solution development helps support the market readiness of your automotive solutions. Luxoft makes heavy investment into developing and promoting open-source projects in this sector, including the Yocto and GENIVI development environments.

Testing and verification

Over the years, we’ve established and developed automotive test labs that ensure the most rigorous end-to- end testing practices, both manual and automatic. Our specialized equipment is managed by experienced and knowledgeable engineers to help us embed our processes into your software development.

Telematics & backend, emergency response systems

Our broad experience in programming for automotive Telematics Control Unit (TCU) devices covers software for both Vehicle Controller and System-on-Chip parts, and this experience has also transferred to our vital work in developing emergency telematics systems.


Luxoft's comprehensive approach to car connectivity ensures that telematics, media and more are properly and efficiently integrated. This work extends to smart devices from all major platforms, and helps make internet browsing in automobiles more viable than ever before.

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