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Luxoft’s Dynamic Points Of Interest (DPOI) system is an interactive navigation software platform combining social network-like online technologies with location-based services. It puts the full scope of local points of interest at drivers’ fingertips, alongside the unprecedented interactivity of exchanging location-based data online between cars. DPOI supports clients worldwide from a single server, meaning drivers can add new points or modify existing ones from any internet-connected device.

Seamless Integration and Porting

Luxoft provides integration of existing systems to different hardware systems, including scaling, optimizing and troubleshooting. Luxoft has great experience in the porting and integration of customer’s software to new or alternative hardware systems, as well as system analysis, creation of adapters and scaling of the system performance. DPOI is just one example of this through its ability to be used from any car navigation system.

Our Track Record of Success

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed countless success stories with integration of third-party libraries, tools and solutions across multiple customer projects and systems. Notable examples include the integration and configuration of the Nuance engine to an NDS DB compiler, successful integration of a variety of tools, and TomTom navigation engine integration into a complete system.

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