Embedded real-time systems have to meet timing constraints. Simply put, such systems only work correctly if their timing is correct. The more complex the system, the higher the risk of timing errors. In a moving car, a system that does not execute in time is broken and quite likely dangerous. So, our Symtavision tool set helps developers address these issues by providing systematic process enhancement and timing tool support.

Powered by our acquisition of Symtavision, we offer a range of leading-edge timing analysis tools that enable the operation of real-time and safety-critical software systems to the highest possible standards, while maintaining maximum efficiency in bandwidth and processor speed. The tools cover all aspects of software timing: ECU software, networking and distributed functions.

Symtavision Tools

Model-based timing analysis & optimization
SymTA/S is our model-based solution for timing design, performance optimization and timing verification. SymTA/S targets mission-critical, safety-critical and performance-critical real-time systems in automotive and other embedded markets. It accompanies you during the entire system lifetime, from early planning through SOP and life-cycle revision updates until production end.
SymTA/S is unique in the marketplace in offering requirement capture, simulation and worst-case timing analysis at the ECU software level.

Trace-based timing visualization & analysis.
TraceAnalyzer enables engineers to visualize and analyze the timing of controllers and buses, find the cause of timing problems and create timing models for SymTA/S.

Timing Services

With systems being developed by thousands of engineers across hundreds of organizations, the number of embedded real-time systems and their integration complexity is growing dramatically. Integrating this complex system and ensuring all functions execute in real-time and in a cost-effective way is our specialty.

Besides executing pilot projects, providing tool training and sharing know-how in workshops, our specialists can take on partial or full responsibility for timing issues within your project. This is done with complete flexibility: on-site or remotely, permanent or part-time – depending on your requirements and circumstances

Reduced Costs

Systematic timing analysis avoids costly redesigns or even recalls and reduces the cost of electronics. Critical to its success is planning and verifying the proper integration, availability, reliability and safety of time-critical functions. This also encompasses the budgeting of available execution times and communication bandwidths; proper configuration of RTOS and communication protocols; and planning of performance reserves.

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